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Actuator for ball valves

The AVS is a motorized device used to control water flow. 
The motor, available in AC version,  actuates the valve to OPEN and CLOSED position. These two positions are detected and guaranteed by 2 switches.
An indicator, guided by the valve control, allows to check in which direction the motor is running. The motor is thermally self-protected (EN 60335-1 "Impedance Protected"), in compliance with drinking water according to DM 174/2004 (Directive 98/83).

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Grill Opening Device

This motorized mechanism named HSPP allows for automatic unlocking of the lid-opening device of the grill at the end of the cooking cycle.
It is one of the core functional  groups of the High Speed Panini Grill 2nd Generation and very appreciated in the Professional market.
Thanks to this innovative proposal, METEOR has been awarded winners on October 19 by Electrolux at the Supplier Awards in 2016, in the category "Supplier Innovation".

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Roll basket

The  rotisserie accessory named  “ROLL BASKET” is used in ovens for cooking without oil. This cooking technique totally oil free, eliminates the use of condiments (oils and fats) and following the latest culinary trends (air frying) that show a greater attention to health and traditional cuisine, selection of “reliable” raw materials and the preparation of healthier foods. It works at high temperatures and is particularly suitable for cooking foods such as french fries, potatoes, vegetables, chestnuts, meat, fish, dried fruits with results certified from laboratory tests performed for objective assessment of quality cooking.

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